I Still Believe: My Take on the Revised Edition of Jeremy Camp’s Book

In May of 2011 I wrote a review of Jeremy Camp’s Memoir I Still Believe.  That edition was self published.  He recently revised and expanded the book.  The new edition is published with Tyndale.  I was expecting to get it around February 12 when his latest CD, Reckless, releases.  However, it arrived early.  I received the copy I bought on January 25.  As with the original edition, I couldn’t put it down once I started reading it.  That meant I was up until about 4 in the morning Saturday as I started the book later in the evening.  I don’t recommend doing that, but the book was worth the crazy hours and the original review still applies to this new edition. 

It was easy to tell that the book had been expanded when I noticed more about Jeremy’s early life that I had not remembered reading before.  As I was reading, I did something that I had not done before with a memoir.  I stopped where I was near the end of chapter 4 and grabbed one of my highlighters I use for my Bible and related books.  As I have been going through this season of unemployment and uncertainty, God has been using Jeremy’s music and book among other things to help keep me focused.  For the last few months I have felt that God has been wanting me to dig into His word more, something that I struggle with, and reading those same words at the end of chapter 4 felt like a confirmation to what I needed to do so those words got highlighted.  I went back later to check the first edition and found those same words at the end of chapter 2.  I kept the highlighter with me as I read the book in case anything else jumped out at me.

The most noticeable changes to the book are the thickness, the chapter headings, and a gray band of pages a little over half way through the book.  The book is almost twice as thick as its predecessor; the chapters have been renamed and there is one more of them; and the photos have been added to, put in color, and moved to the gray band of pages.  As much as I liked how the black and white pictures were laid out in the first edition, I like seeing the pictures in color.  It is also nice to see Egan included as he was not born yet when the first edition was released.

I would definitely recommend this book.  It does not matter if you have read the first one or not.  If you did not buy the first one, definitely do what you can to get this one.  Be prepared to need some tissues as there are moments of tears to go with the laughter and the healing that God has brought in Jeremy and through him.  There also comes the slight smile on the face knowing that God is very much active in our lives and does care for us deeply as I think about all that Jeremy wrote in his book.  To find out more about Jeremy or to order his book go to his site Jeremycamp.com.


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