Discipleship: The Tangent Revisited

As I stated in my last post the need for a tangent on the commands of Jesus.  If we are to disciple others by teaching all that Jesus commanded we need to know what Jesus commanded.  The end of July into mid August I compiled a list of Jesus’ commands based on my reading of the Gospels and Acts and using Nave’s Topics book.  It was a good read and I compiled the list from a paper copy into Excel and organized it alphabetically based on how I titled the command.  Below is that list.  Now to get back to my regularly scheduled study on discipleship and to then add my thoughts on these verses.  In the next few weeks I hope to get my thoughts put into something that can be a series of posts on here.

Matthew 19:16-19 10 Commandments Revisited
Mark 10:17-22 10 Commandments Revisited
John 15:4-5 Abiding in Christ
Matthew 5:28-30 Adultery
Matthew 6:25-34 Anxiety/Worry
Luke 21:36 Be alert/Prayer
Luke 6:36 Be Merciful
Luke 21:34 Be on guard
Luke 12:35 Be prepared
Matthew 24:44 Being Prepared for Christ’s Return
Matthew 10: 16 Being Wise/Shrewd
John 14:11 Belief in Jesus
Mark 8:34 Carrying the Cross
Luke 18:16-17 Children & entering Heaven
Matthew 19:14 Children coming to Jesus
Mark 13:33-37 Christ’s Return Foretold
Matthew 18:15-17 Dealing w/ sin
Matthew 16:24 Denying self & taking Cross
Matthew 5:32 Divorce
Matthew 19:9 Divorce/Adultery
Mark 10:11-12 Divorce/Adultery
Luke 10:37 Do as good Samaritan
John 5:28 Do Not Marvel (About Jesus’ words)
Luke 17:23 End Times
Luke 13:24 Entering the narrow door (gate)
Mark 11:22 Faith
Matthew 7:15-20 False Prophets
Matthew 6:16-18 Fasting
Luke 12:4-5 Fear
Luke 12:32 Fear
Luke 21:9 Fear
Matthew 10:26-31 Fear (various)
Matthew 6:14-15 Forgiveness
Matthew 18:21 Forgiveness
Matthew 18:22 Forgiveness
Mark 11:25 Forgiveness
Luke 17:3 Forgiveness/ Being on guard
John 15:14 Friendship
Matthew 5:17 Fulfilling Law & Prophet
Matthew 6:1-4 Giving
Matthew 25:34-46 Giving to Needy
Luke 14:12-14 Giving w/o repayment
Matthew 22:37-40 Great Commandment on Love
Matthew 28:19-20 Great Commission
Mark 16:15 Great Commission
Mark 9:38-39 Hindering Followers
Matthew 11:28-30 Jesus’ Yoke
John 7:24 Judging
Matthew 7:1-5 Judging w/ Condemnation
Luke 6:37 Judging/Condemning
John 14:15,23-24 Keeping Commandments
Matthew 5:16 Light Shine
Luke 6:27-35 Love enemies/pray 4 persecutors
Matthew 5:44-48 Love of Enemies/Prayer for Persecutors
John 13:34-35 Loving others
John 15:12,17 Loving Others
Mark 10:9 Marriage Interference
Mark 13:5 Misleading/Anti-Christ
Luke 21:8 Misleading/Anti-Christ
Matthew 6:19-24 Money/possessions
Matthew 5:22 Murder
Matthew 7:13-14 Narrow vs. Wide Gate
Matthew 5:39-42 Non-resistance
Matthew 5:34-37 Oaths
Matthew 6:5-13 Prayer
Luke 22:40 Prayer
Matthew 7:7-11 Prayer/Ask, Seek, Knock
Luke 10:2 Praying for laborers
Matthew 7:6 Prudence-Moral Judgments (See Ryrie Study Notes)
John 15:2 Pruning Branches
Matthew 5:23-26 Reconciliation
John 15:20-22 Reminders
Matthew 4:17 Repent
Luke 12:31 Seek God’s Kingdom
Mark 6:7-11 Sending the 12
Luke 16:13 Serving 2 masters
Mark 9:35 Serving Others
Matthew 20:25-28 Serving/Humility
Luke 12:33 Store treasures in Heaven
Mark 9:42-50 Stumbling Blocks
Matthew 18:8-9 Stumbling Blocks (dealing w/)
Luke 7:23 Taking Cross/Denying Self
Matthew 22:21 Taxes/Tithe
Mark 12:17 Taxes/Tithe
Matthew 7:12 Treatment of Others (Golden Rule)
John 13:14 Washing each others’ feet (serving others)
John 6:27 Work
Matthew 12:12 Work on the Sabbath (Doing Good)
Matthew 9:38 Workers for the Harvest (prayer for)
Luke 12:22 Worry
Luke 12:29 Worry
John 14:1 Worry
Matthew 10:19-20 Worry/persecution


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