Discipleship: An Update

I have been thinking a lot about biblical discipleship the last few months.  I also have been attempting a personal study on what the Bible says about discipleship and being a disciple.  To be honest, I have been a bit behind on the personal study, but I am still very much interested in the subject as it is my passion to be able to assist others in the discipleship process. 

This past Saturday I purchased David Platt’s book Radical and it has ruined me for the better.  The last chapter goes into detail about a 1 year commitment to what he calls “The Radical Experiment”.  I like the concept of it and am now trying to figure out how to do 1 of those steps while starting the other 4.  It is a rather simple process of praying daily for the world (not as hard as it sounds), reading the Bible in a year (have never been successful yet), giving sacrificially for a specific purpose (already do this & want to be able to give more), serving out of context (e.g. outside of the area in which you live/work/attend church…this is the one I need figure out), and commit myself to a multiplying community (e.g. a church and I am there already).  I would recommend reading the whole book as it goes into detail about each step that I will not go into since it is important to read the 8 previous chapters before reading chapter 9 and the radical experiment. I read the book in about 16 hours total over 3 days; I could not put it down as I found it very intriguing, insightful, and very clear on what the Bible states about discipleship and being a disciple. I had a chance to talk with my mom about this book, and the conversation we had about the book, discipleship, and being a disciple I found invigorating and energizing.  If you were to look at my top 5 StrengthsFinder, you would see that one of them is developer.  A developer pours into people in a variety of ways.  The discipleship process is similar since we pour into someone what we are commanded to teach as stated by Jesus in Matthew 28:18-20.

So I am still working on getting into a routine of a personal prayer and Bible study time.  I will probably sign the Radical commitment in the next few days, and I want to see what my senior pastor has to say about the book and Platt’s related book Radical Together which is designed for the church body as a group not just the individual.  I have not read Radical Together yet, but will get it started probably on Friday once it arrives.  I read a statistic a few weeks ago that stated if 1 person discipled 2 people for a year & after that year is up, all 3 people discipled 2 people each, after 10 years 59,000 people would be discipled (from somewhere on lionshare.org).  There are approximately 1.5 billion people who claim to be Christians leaving approximately 4.5 billion people who definitely are not going to heaven when they die.  Let’s take the previous stat and apply it to the current number of Christians globally.  If all of the Christians discipled 2 people for a year, the 2nd year the rest of the world would be discipled with 3 people discipling 1 person.  If all the Christians were to disciple 3 people in a year, the whole globe would be going through the discipleship process at once.  Think about the change that would happen globally if that were the case.

I will leave you with this tidbit.  Pick up a copy of Radical read it, apply it, and see what happens.  My next step is to apply it, so we can be on this journey together.

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3 Responses to Discipleship: An Update

  1. Carl says:

    “Radical” sounds like a great read and a wonderful challenge. Adding it to my reading list immediately! I look forward to reading more about how it impacts your life. Be blessed!

  2. Chen says:

    “Radical” sounds like a great read and a wonderful challenge. Adding it to my reading list immediately! I look forward to reading more about how it impacts your life. Be blessed!

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