Discipleship: What is it?

The last few weeks I have been thinking about discipleship and what it is. The thought process is still going on, but 1 thing had become clear.  With all the ideas for various types of ministry running through my head the last 6.75 years, the same thing keeps coming up..Matthew 28:19-Make disciples of all nations.  Every ministry idea always had me doing something with the Bible and helping people grow in their walk with Jesus.  Whether that meant accepting Jesus as Savior for the first time or needing to grow in different areas along the path that leads to Heaven, the ministry ideas always pointed back to some aspect of discipleship.  Now to start the task of figuring out what true discipleship is and what it is not.  Just because one claims to follow another does not make the first a true disciple of the second.  Over the next several posts, I hope to unpack more of what it means to be a disciple and what true discipleship is.

About 4himcamper

Team CAMPer, 4HIM Fan, Artist, Grad Student, Wife/Mom, Abolitionist, Waiting patiently for the ministry that God has for me :D
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