An Interesting Find

I follow several Christian artists on Twitter as well as Facebook.  One of those artists is Sanctus Real and their lead singer Matt Hammitt.  I’ve known for a few months that Matt and his wife Sarah were expecting a baby boy that had a heart defect.  He was born last Thursday as healthy as can be considering the heart problem.  This past Monday he had his first surgery and seem to come through it just fine.  He was taken off life support and still continued to be OK.  Then over night, via Matt’s dad and Matt’s and Sarah’s website Bowen’s Heart, they gave an update.  Bowen’s heart has stopped and he had another surgery as well as is on life support in critical condition.  As I was checking updates on Twitter yesterday and today, I saw so many posts, not just from Matt and Sanctus Real, but from several Christian Artists and many radio people spreading the word with the link to the site about Bowen’s condition and asking for prayer.

Another artist I follow is Aaron Shust.  He has a little boy with an esophagus disorder that lends itself to a fair amount of food allergies.  He’s in the hospital trying to keep food down.  Again that was spread out on Twitter though not as extensively, but it’s there with a request for prayer.

The interesting part about both of these artists is that there is a huge network of support from other artists and those connected via the radio stations that play their songs getting the word out for prayer.  In that same way, we as listeners and fans can then spread the word via our network of friends to continue the prayer support that these 2 artists and their families need.  If you want updates on either of these 2 you can follow them on Twitter at: @matthammitt and @aaronshust  And let’s continue to pray for them, their families and more importantly their 2 boys.  From what I’ve read from these 2 men, they appreciate the prayers that have been coming forth so far.

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Team CAMPer, 4HIM Fan, Artist, Grad Student, Wife/Mom, Abolitionist, Waiting patiently for the ministry that God has for me :D
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