Worshiping The Most High In One Of The Unlikeliest Spots: My Day @ The Fair

On September 2 I was at the Minnesota State Fair.  My intentions that day were to snack my way through like I’ve done for years only this time on a very limited budget ($20).  My other intention, which was a first, was to enjoy a great concert in the Grandstands.  My day started off fairly normal…cold scattered showers and arriving at gate open-6am.  Get the car parked and find breakfast.  New to me this year was wild rice pancakes…very delicious, and good with syrup.  My next task was trying to stay dry & warm until the rain cleared and the buildings opened up at 9am.  I walked around a little but stayed near my fave TV station since I had found out somehow (can’t even tell you how) that my fave musician was performing there on a show they do.  Needless to say because of the weather, I was glad when the doors opened for the station’s ‘studio’ at the fair. It was drier and less windy.

Now part of my plan for the day was to pray as I went around the fair.  I’m not the best at remembering to pray despite my desire to do so.  So a prayer walk would be an interesting attempt by me.  I actually did remember to pray… some, sporadic as it was.  But was it worth it?   Yes!  When I was at the TV station during their show @ 10 am, there was a comedian on that was less than family friendly even for live on the air.  So I prayed for bold speaking from the musician.  He’s a Christian and has been known to be bold about what he says.  His time on the show came.  During the interview, he was very bold. Then he sang his song Not Ashamed…Read Romans 1:16.  Couldn’t get much bolder than that…Jesus was GLORIFIED!!!  As the day went on, I continued to remind myself that I was supposed to be praying through out the day.  I hung out outside the Grandstand for awhile and listened to some of the sound check drifting over.  I was getting excited for the concert in just a few hours…and I prayed some more.  The prayer I usually say before a concert from this artist: for God to work in and through him, his band, and other artists performing (if any), and for God to work in and through all of us who will be attending the concert (and in this case all those not attending who will be listening from the other side), that his words would be God’s words not man’s words, and that we would all be receptive to what God wants us to hear.  After dinner I got back and waited for the gates to open.  The concert time finally arrives (with a slight rain delay on gates-gotta love outdoor concerts).  The opener was good and started the time of worship I was praying for.  Then my favorite artist took the stage.  During his set I was able to get into worship better than I had ever before.  I was prompted by the Spirit to pray during his set (something completely new for me).  The worship was awesome…hands raised, praying to and praising the Most High God…tears flowing by the end of his set.  Then the headliner came on.  They were good and the worship continued.  Unfortunately I don’t know their songs as well so it was a little harder to worship as I love singing along.  But the prayer continued.  Only God knows how many lives were touched by those in attendance at the concert and by those sitting outside hearing the music drift over.  But God was there and the worship was phenomenal.  Now to wait 5-and-a-half weeks to do it again only it will be indoors, my favorite artist will be headlining, and the other 2 artists will be different.

Worshiping the Most High at a concert may seem odd.  It may seem even more strange when that is at a fairground in the middle of a metropolitan area while the fair is going on.  However, God wants us to represent Him everywhere…this includes concerts at fairgrounds.  That means bring the praise and worship on with the boldest words and testimony and pray for God’s Spirit to be over it.  But it doesn’t end with a concert at a fair.

Now we jump ahead to Sunday.  Just as prayer has been hard for me so has unrestrained worship during church…I’m an introvert.  The service started and we did things a little out of order: announcements, offering, sermon, then the music.  The music is usually before the offering, but after hearing the sermon I understand why.  The worship was powerful…completely unrestrained: tears, prayer and praise to the Most High.  Now not to get self-conscience and be able to do it again….Unrestrained, Prayerful, Full of Praise, Worship, and maybe even a few tears all to the Most High God!!!

As for that artist…he knows who he is and he knows it is not about him but about the Most High God.  That’s the way he wants it so he will not be named.  I’ll see him soon enough and hopefully remember to tell him about my day and how God was Glorified.

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Team CAMPer, 4HIM Fan, Artist, Grad Student, Wife/Mom, Abolitionist, Waiting patiently for the ministry that God has for me :D
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