Fair Trade

The other week I was talking with my sister about Chocolate.  We both love our dark chocolate, hers at 60% and mine at 77%.  After reading about how most cacao beans are harvested, whether or not they are organic, it got me thinking.  Why can’t organic=fair trade?  Currently only some chocolate is fair trade regardless of how it’s grown.

And what does fair trade mean?  It means that there is no child labor (the kids get to go to school where they belong) and the adults are paid at least minimum wage.  So why can’t organic=fair trade? Organic uses environmentally friendly farming methods, but how environmentally friendly is it if the labor is forced and/or under paid?  Slave labor does not seem environmentally friendly when the conditions the laborer live in are less than healthy.

So why can’t organic=fair trade? Maybe we should be asking that of the policy makers who set the standard for what it means to be organic.

In the mean time, I’m on a quest to find a good organic 77% Dark Chocolate that’s fair trade (my favorite doesn’t appear to be), the 73% I got today is ok but not as good as the 77% I have been getting.  If anyone has a suggestion for a 77% Dark Chocolate that is organic and Fair Trade  w/nothing added (ie fruits and nuts), let me know (so far the one I had today isn’t it).

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