Traffic(k): What’s Your Part?

I’m in grad school currently studying leadership and effective communication.  Some communication styles although effective are not healthy.  As I’m doing research on human trafficking and what that all can entail, I realized on Wednesday night (10 March) during class that some of the strategies mentioned in the book traffickers use on their victims.  In particular we discussed Compliance-Gaining Strategies.  In general these are not all bad.  However, if misused, these can have devastating effects.  For example, one strategy is Supporting Evidence: reasons are given why the target (victim) should comply.  This strategy although good, if ladened with lies, is rather negative and full of deceit.  Other strategies include the use of Coercive and Reward power.  Both are negative and in the world of trafficking full of deceit.  In the non-trafficking world these are not generally full of deceit just not good to use.  It’s interesting to be able to use what I learn in class and be able to apply it to being a voice for the voiceless in some way.

What are you doing to be a voice for the voiceless?

What are you learning that can be applied to what traffickers use and do?

What are you leaning that you can use to be a VOICE?

What’s Your Part?

  • Get educated?
  • Educate others?
  • Don’t stop being a voice?
  • Speak the Truth in Love?
  • Keep Pressing On Til The Job Is Done!!!

I watched the Invisible Children special on Halogen last night (9 April).  It was about their global Rescue day they had back in April 2006.  The Rescue in Chicago took 6 days to end since they could not get a ‘Mogul’ (celebrity/politician) to rescue them.  They finally got Oprah Winfrey to rescue them after they stood outside her studio for hours before she arrived for the day.  She gave them time on her show and had a national spotlight on the child soldiers in Uganda.  That group Kept Pressing On Til The Job Was Done.  They did not give up because they were not getting their Mogul…They persisted on getting the mogul they wanted.  And the group in Chicago had many trials getting their mogul including the weather…what helped them get through was one of the leaders of Invisible Children had the idea that everyone who was rescued would rally with those who were not rescued.  Everyone that could follow with that idea ended up in Chicago since that was the last place to be rescued globally.

So What’s Your Part Again?

answer that question and…

Keep Pressing On Til The Job Is Done and Every Human in Slavery is Rescued!!!!!!

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