Human Trafficking and a Possible New Minnesota Bill

I have started the hard research on human trafficking today.  It will be a slow process as I work on grad school homework that is unrelated.  The most interesting piece of information I found online (don’t remember which advocate site I was at) stated that human trafficking is second only to the drug trade globally.  That means dollar for dollar human trafficking makes more money around the world than any name brand piece of clothing, food or drink in any given year.  That’s not a good statistic for any country let alone the whole earth.  Tonight I was watching my local news and one of the news stories was about our governor urging state law-makers to double the jail term for sex offenders.  That means a first time offender would get 25 yrs instead of the 12 yrs they currently get.  I whole-heartedly support such a bill and have contacted by representative and senator to sponsor and/or otherwise support such a bill.  If one offender is kept off the streets it means there is one or more less victims from a repeat offender.  I hear enough stories on my local news about repeat offenders in this wonder state that I have called home my entire life.  What will you do to make sure my state or your own if you live somewhere else has tough laws that help protect victims and prevent new victims from even having to exist?


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