The last couple of days I’ve been thinking about respect.  There are several people I admire, but there are even more that I respect.  As I write this, I’m listening to Jeremy Camp on the radio.  A number of weeks ago his wife, Adie, mentioned how much she loved Jeremy and how she found it easy to respect him.  Those words came to mind the other day as I was thinking about respect.  Why is it that some people we find it easy to respect and others we don’t?  Jeremy and Adie I respect highly…I’ve learned a lot from them in the year that I’ve been keeping tabs on their ministry.  I also find that a person I respect, I’m more likely to want to pray for.  Jeremy and Adie I pray for often.  Do I know why I respect them so much?  Not completely.  But I have a feeling it deals with how the person lives his/her life.  The person that tries to model Christ in word and action is easier to respect than a person who says they love Jesus but live a life that’s polar opposite.  It seems to become a matter of integrity to a degree.  Who do you respect?  Why do you respect that person?  Are there qualities of that person that would be good to model?  How about qualities that would be less desirable to model?  Don’t respect a person just because they are famous, rich, or popular.  Find some good qualities that have nothing to do with being famous, having money, or being popular.  Then find a way to show that person how much you appreciate them.

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