Traffic: It’s Not About Cars Anymore

When most people think of traffic, the first thing that comes to mind is cars and busy streets.  I’m the same way.  Unfortunately there is a different type of traffic in our world and it has nothing to do with cars on a busy street.  That doesn’t mean that cars and busy streets aren’t apart of it as they are indirectly.  The type of traffic I’m talking about deals with humans mostly women and children.  Many come from outside the US originally, but there are many more who are born here and raised elsewhere.  In recent years the US has made its citizens aware of humans that are trafficked.  Most of them are exploited into prostitution and related fields while some are exploited with their working conditions of more legitimate jobs.  A stat I heard a few years ago listed Minnesota as #3 in the US for trafficking humans.  That’s not a stat I like to hear about my state.  I don’t know if that has changed, but I hope it has.  During the Super Bowl, over 1,000 young people were brought to Miami for the sole purpose of being trafficked.  It happens all to easily in developing countries- find a person who is destitute and offer them a better life with some conditions that they have to follow or help a poor family by buying the child they have to give up in order to survive.  In the US it tends to happen a couple of ways more often if it’s a child involved…either 1 or both parents/guardians force the child into it or the child is kidnapped.  For the adults it can be the same or there is the same duping that happens in foreign countries.  The other alarming statistic is the number of beds available for the humans rescued from the trafficking.  At one point there were 100 beds in the US.  That averages 2 per state not including DC.  There are thousands more than that trafficked through our country each year.  Thankfully that number is increasing, but it takes organizations and people willing to support those organizations to increase the number of safe places for the people who are trafficked.  There are organizations out there whose purpose is to provide that bed.  They along with other organizations are spreading the word that there is a known issue not just in the US but globally regarding this modern-day slave trade.  If you want to find out more, go to:  It was started by musician Natalie Grant after she learned more about the issues of human trafficking.   Her foundation partners with many organizations that provide the safe place for those rescued from this horrific tragedy.

The US outlawed slavery over 100 years ago when Abraham Lincoln was president.  The slave trade 150 years later is larger than it was back in his day.  Think of the impact we could have by helping get the word out about human trafficking through this modern-day slavery that is going on.  We are not immune to the affects of this issue.  We never know when our child could be the one taken and forced into the dark world of trafficking.  Be a voice and spread the word about the modern-day slavery known as Human trafficking.

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