10 Years Ago

It’s hard to believe that 10 years ago today I was on a plane heading from Chicago to London. 20 students and 2 professors left MN by bus for Chicago for a life changing 2 months on a Global Internship that took us literally around the world. Oct 14 was one of the earliest days of the trip and December 14 was one of the latest days…  But nothing beats December 4 where we landed in Hawai’i about 30 minutes before we left SE Asia.  You gotta love the International Date Line 🙂  God taught me so much as I was preparing for that trip and while I was on that trip.  I was able to let my parents know about how I handled some stuff that had happened when I was younger and how that affected me.  I was able to give my testimony.  The first time (which was before the trip) and the last time (while on the trip) I lost it while giving it.  The 2 times in between I had no issues.  The translator for the second time on the trip softened it…anyone who knew English got the full hard testimony.  The guys on the team had no idea what I had gone through before that point as the testimonies were given in small groups before the trip and mine happened to be all women including the co-leader.  I learned to start listening to the prompting of the Spirit…it doesn’t mean I always followed those promptings.  As I write this, I’m praying for the next team that leaves next week for the same trip and the co-leader of my trip.  God has done amazing things w/ my group and will do amazing things with the group that’s about to leave. There have been 12 teams that have gone on this trip.  The countries change periodically for the teams but the message and learning are always there.  God stretched my group in various ways and will stretch this next group as well.

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Team CAMPer, 4HIM Fan, Artist, Grad Student, Wife/Mom, Abolitionist, Waiting patiently for the ministry that God has for me :D
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